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Hey, let's not forget that YouTube's other Paul brother is awful, too

Logan and Jake Paul (Photo: Tasia Wells/Getty ImageS)

One of the more distressing things about the rise of YouTube star Logan Paul—who recently brought international ire down on himself with a video showing him and his buddies bro-ing around with what appears to be an actual human corpse—is that there’s functionally two of him. Beyond his own brand of “maverick” nut-stunting, Paul is also at least partially responsible for the viral rise of his little brother Jake, who managed to leverage his old Vine fame into a starring role on Disney Channel’s Bizaardvark, and who has his own online following based around videos full of content very similar to his brother’s, with whom he has a joking sibling rivalry thing that’s apparently very appealing to the YouTube masses.

Lest we allow ourselves to think that there’s a “good” Paul brother out there to offset the “bad” one, though, TMZ is here—as always—to disabuse us of those Pollyanna notions. The site posted a video last night of Jake Paul “freestyling” for a crowd of admirers, and it’s…not good. Not just in a flow sense, mind you, but in the way Paul’s vocal fillers tend toward misogyny, talking about his dick, and, of course, a few choice racial slurs. To be fair (?) to the younger Paul, the video is apparently eight months old, and is presumably only coming to light because his brother found a new, exciting way to escalate their paired brand. According to the source who served it up to TMZ, at least, Jake—who’s 20—has apparently “matured a lot” since the video was shot.


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