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Clothing brand desperately attempts to distance itself from Logan Paul's "historical record of inanity"

(Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)

YouTube star Logan Paul pushed his “no such thing as bad publicity” policy to its breaking point this week, facing widespread condemnation for failing to understand that viewers might not enjoy his efforts to apply his usual brand of Jackass-lite viral nonsense to a real-world site known for traditionally high suicide rates. Paul has apologized extensively for posting a now-deleted video yesterday that purportedly showed him and his “Logang” discovering a dead body in Japan’s Aokigahara forest, treating this discovery with the same “Hey, bro, you alive?!” attitude he seems to apply to every waking moment of his life.

Paul—who’s currently taking time off from posting videos to “reflect”— might owe at least one more apology before this whole incident inevitably blows over, though, according to a clothing brand that issued an extremely angry press release today over its unwanted associations with his brand. Sportswear company Maverick Apparel is claiming that Paul essentially hijacked, and then damaged, its good name with his behavior, and that his “mutton-headed conduct” and “historical record of inanity” have caused the company’s profits to plummet.


The problems stems from the fact that Paul has long labeled himself as a “maverick”—in this case, a word meaning “someone who talks about hurting his balls on Jimmy Kimmel Live”—and, thus, titled his own clothing brand “Maverick Apparel,” without actually checking whether that was already a thing. Now, the “real” Maverick Apparel is forced to see its very traditional lines of running socks and tank tops associated with gold vinyl backpacks, “Thasss Muh Boiii” hoodies, and figuratively poking dead bodies with a stick.

Not that the company is taking all this nonsense sitting down, mind you; asserting that it’s already suffered a somewhat-ludicrous-sounding $4 million in lost profits over the incident, Maverick says Paul has a week to change his clothing brand’s name, or they’ll sue. Even worse, they might write another letter, and thus blast the prominent YouTuber with yet more blistering lines like this:

Maverick Apparel has noticed a rapid and significant decline in its sales, reputation and goodwill of the Maverick Apparel brand as a direct result of your repulsive, abhorrent and mutton-headed conduct. In choosing to promulgate yourself and your maw-wallop across social media and champion yourself as an object of ridicule, hatred and contempt, you have simultaneously infected the good name of Maverick Apparel.

Paul and his maw-wallop have yet to respond.

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