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Left: The Babadook / Right: Bob D’Amico/Getty Images

It can be horrifying to merely be alive in 2017, for myriad reasons. Hell, the endlessly sensationalist American Horror Story even set its current season in our world. Perhaps this increasing anxiety and paranoia is why we’ve flocked to horror films like Get Out and now It in record numbers—there’s something almost comforting about fictional, supernatural horror, a safer way to experience the anxiety that waits for us when we leave the theater. Alternately, maybe these are just really good horror movies.

Whatever the reason, the stars of these movies are gay and they’re a couple now and that’s it. You will recall, previously, that the Babadook experienced an unlikely reawakening earlier this year and was transformed through sheer force of internet will into an LGBT icon. Those same powers are at work on Pennywise and it’s over, this is a thing now.


They’re dating. Don’t worry about it.


The only question that remains at this juncture is: What is their power couple name? With a little over four hours remaining, “Pennydook” is beating “Babawise” two votes to one.


Congratulations to the new couple, and we look forward to Jennifer Lawrence’s Mother! character somehow becoming a part of this meme.

Clayton Purdom is a writer and editor based in Columbus, Ohio.

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