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Holy shit, the Twin Peaks theme goes well with "The Loco-Motion"

Screenshot: YouTube

Volumes have been written about the perfectly melancholy beauty of Twin Peaks’ opening theme by Angelo Badalamenti, a crystalline, tone-setting piece of music that has inspired musicians for decades since. In recent years, Badalamenti’s score for the show has gone on to be remixed and slotted into other tracks, but somehow, it took until this week for its most unlikely and successful pairing yet. Let us thank the mononymous Andy for this eerie screwed and chopped mashup with Little Eva’s 1962 classic “The Loco-Motion”:


The mixture of 1960s girl-group pop and narcotic slowness is as Lynchian as can be, setting the familiar in an eerie new light and suggesting something malevolent beneath the easygoing track. All it needs is stuttering strobe lights, a mysterious force of supernatural evil, an appearance by Jack Nance, and an elliptical plot suggesting the dream-like nature of reality, and we’ve got ourselves a new season of Twin Peaks! Can’t wait to watch Richard and Linda patch things up and get on with their lives in a new dimension.

Now someone just needs to mash up Badalamenti’s theme with Kylie Minogue’s version of the track.

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