Using the instant portentousness of the Scala And Kolacny Brothers choir—capable of making any pop song unsettling even if it's not The Police's already-creepy stalking ode "Every Breath You Take"—the dialogue-free trailer for Homeland's second season relies heavily on mood and feeling. To elaborate: Everyone's in a shitty mood and feeling their feelings, expressed here with lots of weeping, sighing, and screaming at the sky. Claire Danes' Carrie seems to be recovering from last season's total mental breakdown with a nice, relaxing undercover mission to Iraq. Damian Lewis' Brody, meanwhile, isn't sleeping or kissing his wife well, possibly because he's still trying to kill some people. And poor Mandy Patinkin looks like just wants to take a nap, but there's so much somber walkie-talkie-ing to do. Could somebody please recut this to Young MC's "Bust A Move" so it at least sounds like they're having a good time? See how much more fun it would be?