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When Homeland last left off, Brody was on the run, set free in the woods by Carrie in a sort of terrorist play on Harry And The Hendersons, if you will. If that (along with the producers basically saying so) led you to assume that the next season of the Showtime drama would therefore be much less Brody-centric, perhaps giving Damian Lewis and his character time to rest while Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin et al. are allowed to pursue and/or sleep with some other threat to national defense for a little while, this new teaser suggests otherwise. Not only is it heavy on the Brody, it’s almost nothing but—just dialogue snippets of Brody asking, “Does Carrie know I’m here?” (Probably not!) and pleading for others to help him. Given that we don’t even hear Carrie’s voice, it’s possible this is just one of several character-centric teasers to come. Or, maybe Homeland season three takes place entirely in a darkened basement, as Brody passes his fugitive time by taking up ham radio.


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