While our first look at the new season of Homeland left us completely in the dark, surrounded only by the CB chatter of Brody looking for a big ol’ Muslim convoy, this full trailer finally allows us to see the not-at-all-smiling faces of the characters we’ve come to love and be constantly frustrated by. As you might expect, last season’s terrorist attack has had some serious ramifications: There’s a Senate investigation that seems to be causing Carrie to cry and Saul to sigh even more frequently than usual. Brody’s abandoned family still can’t get through a decent meal. Dana is still going through her awkward, experimental teenage phase of taking topless selfies and giving Islam a whirl. And Brody has been forced to adopt a Bruce Willis-in-8 Mile guise as he desperately searches for a way out. It’s all haunting, melancholy stuff when set to The Cinematic Orchestra’s “To Build A Home”—though, as with the second season preview, it wouldn’t be nearly such a downer if you paired it with, say, Biz Markie’s “Just A Friend.” See? Now season three looks like a whole lotta rump-shaking fun!