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Hulu gets spooky in the first teaser for Stephen King show Castle Rock

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

At long last, Hulu has offered up concrete proof of a Stephen King connection in its new J.J. Abrams-produced series Castle Rock, with this New York Comic Con trailer featuring a glimpse of a Shawshank State Prison logo on a car as it sinks into a lake. Up until this point, the people working on the show have promised that it’s in the spirit of King’s stories and that it exists in some kind of Stephen King universe, but that Shawshank nod is the first indication (other than the show’s name) that something happening on Castle Rock is tied to some stories you may have read and some movies you may have seen. Sinking car aside, this trailer also has some spooky imagery, including a funeral procession, some water (or maybe blood?) pouring down some stairs, a creepy person in a creepy room, a dead body, and an appearance from It star Bill Skarsgård—who, just to confuse things further, is not playing Pennywise on this show.

Castle Rock is coming to Hulu in 2018.