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Hulu orders "monthly horror anthology," since that sounds cooler than "some short films"

(Photo: Universal Pictures)

According to Variety, Hulu has signed a “first-of-its-kind deal” to pick up a monthly horror anthology that sounds essentially like a series of short films with a more exciting label. The series will feature 12 stories, told over the course of a year, with horror studio Blumhouse (the people behind The Purge) producing each one. Unfortunately, that’s about all we know for sure, as the Variety story says the show doesn’t have a title or any writers attached just yet. Also, other “creative details have yet to be settled,” including what sort of “structural device” might tie the 12 stories together. We’d guess it’ll be calendar-based in some way, possibly with a month-obsessed demon terrorizing people in thematically relevant ways.

Whatever the stories are called and however they’re connected, they’ll be presented under the Hulu Originals label and should give the streaming service a drawn-out competitor to Netflix’s Black Mirror—but, again, possibly with months instead of computers.


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