Hey you alls, I don't know if anyone else has seen this but apparently Ice Cube has signed on to both produce and star in a big-screen remake of "Welcome Back Kotter". Wow. During NWA's heyday who could possibly have guessed that the scowling visage of AmeriKKKa's most wanted would one day become synonymous with bland family fare? Then again Cube did drop some hints regarding his future career path when he dropped the notorious NWA and Jerry Heller-bashing lyrics "You can't have a nigga 4 Life crew/Until you take over an iconic seventies sitcom role originated by a white Jew". Word. Homeboy knew where he was headed even then. Speaking of Ice Cube has any artist, rapper or otherwise, fallen off as dramatically and irreperably as Cube? He's the Rod Stewart of hip hop. He used to be the man. Now, not so much. What do you think, dear readers? Why does Cube suck so badly these days and can he ever truly fill Gabe Kaplan's outsized, downright clown-sized shoes?