AVC: Does having to switch those writer and actor hats so often ever pose a challenge for you?


NR: It’s not a problem because when I’m in the room, I just wear the writer’s hat. I don’t necessarily go in with an agenda because it’s not Kelli’s show and I’m there to execute a very specific mission. I have to be very deliberate and recognize those moments when I have to downshift and trade off.

AVC: Is there’s something that you haven’t written yet that you would like to one day pursue, Insecure-related or otherwise?

NR: I think I have a book in me. I don’t know when or where that will express itself, whether it’ll be fiction or nonfiction, but I think that I have a story inside of me that belongs in that specific medium. I’m working constantly, developing TV shows and working on film scripts and constantly trying to create for myself and for other people. I feel really lucky that I’m in this really sweet pocket of my career where I’m able to sit down and not execute someone else’s dream, but really sort of put on paper what it is that I want to create and actually have people who want to hear what that might be and maybe even make it someday. I want to do it all.


AVC: We noticed that your credit for Wonder Woman 1984 simply says “Actress.” Is there anything you can tell us about your involvement ?

NR: I feel like people want me to be wearing a superhero outfit, but this is not that. I feel like I need to set expectations. So while I can’t tell you what I’m going to be doing, I can definitely tell you that it is very regular. [Laughs] I have aspirations of being in a superhero movie. I think there needs to be a thick queen out there killing the bad guys for sport. But this is not that.