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Insecure takes Molly on vacation

Alexander Hodge (left), Yvonne Orji
Alexander Hodge (left), Yvonne Orji
Photo: Merie W. Wallace (HBO)
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“Lowkey Trippin” is Insecure’s first episode without Issa. It’s also the worst episode of the season so far. And yes, the episode was directed by Jay Ellis (Lawrence on the show), but that’s not why it fails to land. In fact, the beautiful shots of Molly and Andrew are the only things that keep this episode afloat. Otherwise, “Lowkey Trippin’” feels like a time-waster in a season that already feels too short.


The episode picks up exactly where the last one left off and it turns out Molly did see Issa get out of her car and get right back into her car. Molly seems ready to confront Issa, but the issue is that she expects Issa to apologize to her. She still believes the issue is entirely Issa’s fault when Issa knows that nothing rectifies Molly’s choice to blow up her event. Even Andrew says that Molly should reach out, but sticks by her side.

I hoped this episode would give us an opportunity to see what Andrew gets from this relationship. Of course, Molly is hot. She’s absolutely beautiful. She’s smart and has a great job, but we haven’t really seen what makes it worth it for Andrew. He isn’t really a character here, he’s still just a sounding board for Molly to bounce off. Molly doesn’t realize she has an issue and needs her therapist because she ruined her best friend’s event, she only realizes she might need help when she threatens things with her boyfriend. Even though Molly says she’s down for whatever this weekend, it’s hard to be down for whatever if you can’t let go of everything that bothers you.

The thing is, Molly isn’t completely wrong. While we didn’t see the white couple before her show their room key or not, it very well could’ve been a racist move. It also could’ve just been company policy and an employee being intense about her job. Andrew’s brother is annoying as devil’s advocate, but, overall, it seemed like he just wanted Molly to let the annoyance go. What else was there to do? They got the towel. Molly, on the other hand, couldn’t let it go as a microaggression or misunderstanding, she jumps to accusations about Asian people and alienates everyone. She realizes her mistake, but it’s too late. She’s already told them to fuck off.

Of course, I’m happy that Molly finally called her therapist and is getting help, but it doesn’t feel fair to her character that this realization only came by jeopardizing her relationship with a man. The moment when Nathan calls Andrew and Molly jumps to the same assumptions after hearing Issa perhaps would’ve been a better stage for a confrontation between the two. Molly accuses Issa of just liking things messy and believes Nathan is someone to write off.

The thing is, Molly is the one who likes things messy. For example, it’s kind of silly to write off your boyfriend’s roommate like that! Andrew explains that Nathan was going through some mental health issues. Molly seems to finally get it: she came to the wrong conclusion about Nathan last season and hasn’t let go of that yet. Still, doesn’t she trust Andrew? If their relationship is stable, wouldn’t she trust his taste in friends and roommates? Does Andrew want to date someone who’d assume the worst of his friends? Additionally, the fact that Andrew immediately knows doom is on the horizon when Molly hears Issa’s voice is not something I’d think he’d want to deal with for long.


Not that it matters. Andrew is not a character with depth on this show. He is just a hot, perfect boyfriend who eats ass. He may as well be made of cardboard because he is really just here to look hot. Is he afraid to push Molly when she says he’s “different” from other Asian people because he knows she’ll pop off at him? Is he just the most relaxed guy in the world? Is he happy dealing with Molly’s intense reactions to things? Andrew’s brother was right about one thing: Molly was picking and choosing who to give the benefit of the doubt. The towel lady isn’t worthy of it. Issa isn’t worthy of it, but Andrew is.

Then, there’s Kim Fields. While she only pops up a few times, she’s an allegory for Molly. Molly can give Andrew everything and make him the priority and be married to him for 25 years and he could still leave her alone to start over. This is the path Molly is on if she keeps putting men over her mental health and friendships: a late in life How Stella Got Her Groove Back ending. You can give a man everything, but what does it mean if you don’t have anything else left for yourself?


Stray Observations

  • The episode ends with Lawrence calling Issa to get drinks. Whatever.
  • I really hope Issa keeps hanging out with Nathan.
  • I loved Andrew’s sister-in-law! She seemed to realize that her husband and Molly were both trippin’.
  • Seriously, I need Andrew to have a little more depth.
  • Those sex scenes were hot. Molly is vanilla as hell though! Lube and some lingerie? That’s not a vacation special!! Andrew is out here with LELO toys! Do you know how expensive those are?? I do, because I used my first ever tax return in college to buy a LELO vibrator and I still have it to this day because it was so much money!
  • I want to say it seems soon for Molly and Andrew to go on baecations with family (it’s been 4 months since they went on that date at the bowling alley), but hey, what do I know? 
  • KIM FIELDS!!!!!
  • Molly is still handling things like a pro at work at least.
  • They have Looking for LaToya in Mexico. Cool.

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