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It’ll be hard for anyone to top Zach Galifianakis’ entrance on Conan last night

Zach Galifianakis has a history of disrupting the talk-show format. Whether it’s on his own short-lived late-night VH1 show or his scripted web series Between Two Ferns, he seems to take pleasure in subverting audience expectations and constantly one-upping himself. But, it’s going to be difficult for Galifianakis— or anyone for that matter —to top the entrance he made on Conan last night.

After attempting to introduce Galifianakis a couple times, both Conan and sidekick Andy Richter were noticeably confused and concerned. Then, without warning (and with the help of some quick video editing) the comedian burst out of Richter’s stomach like some sort of Alien/adult-sized baby hybrid. “I’m fine. There’s a lot of Toblerones in there,” Galifianakis replied when Conan asked if he was alright, to which the distressed Richter retorted, “Why the hell are you asking him if he’s alright?”


Realizing this was no way to conduct an interview, Conan suggested they take a quick break. When they returned, Andy Richter was whole again and Galifianakis had his own chair. The abrupt return to normalcy only heightened the absurdity of the opening bit.

You can see Galifianakis’ whole interview on the Team Coco website where he discusses fatherhood, embarrassing auditions, and his plaintive plea for NPR to stop making fun of him.

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