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It’s wedding season, so here’s an exclusive new track from The Dan Band

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Fans of films like The Hangover and Old School—a group better known as “everyone”—should be familiar with The Dan Band. Fronted by Dan Finnerty, The Dan Band popped up in both films and has been touring ever since. And, like a lot of other bands, The Dan Band gets asked to play weddings. Lots and lots of weddings. While that could be lucrative, considering the band says it’s been offered “compensation ranging from private jets to free beer and pizza,” The Dan Band also says that it “just can’t possibly accept” all its wedding-related offers. Thus, the group’s new album, The Wedding Album.


A collection of quote-unquote “wedding songs” revelers can play at their weddings in lieu of an actual Dan Band appearance, The Wedding Album is packed full of sentimental favorites, as well as appearances from guests like Nicole Scherzinger, Train’s Pat Monahan, Matchbox 20’s Rob Thomas, and comedian Bridget Everett.

Though The Wedding Album isn’t out until July 10 on Comedy Dynamics, A.V. Club readers can get an exclusive first listen to one of the album’s standout tracks below. A schmaltzy take on an already sappy song, The Dan Band’s version of “Making Love Out Of Nothing At All,” which features the aforementioned Scherzinger, really has to be heard to be believed. According to Finnerty, the group’s cover had been a long time coming, considering he’d been obsessed with the track since the original video came out. As he explains, “

“It featured the tall Daryl Hall-looking one in sexy montage scenes with his girlfriend as they tried desperately not to break up due to ‘life on the road’ and relegated the other John Oatesy-looking one off to sing alone in some corner with his high voice and tight perm. I felt bad for the Oatesy one because he never got any action and it was his kick ass voice that made the song a hit. (Please google it and send me a thank you note.) …The fact that I somehow convinced Nicole Scherzinger to duet with me on this now makes me love the song even more. Nicole’s voice is insane and she has a really great sense of humor and was totally up for embracing my crazy take on it, F-bombs and all. Singing with her in the studio, I felt like I was doing it for the Oatsey-Air Supply guy. The normal guy finally got to sing with the pretty girl and there were no tall, blonde-haired guys allowed anywhere near the studio.”