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J.J. Abrams and Daisy Ridley to reunite for movie that isn’t Star Wars-related

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens made Daisy Ridley into a household name, so it makes sense that she’d want to stick with the guy who dropped her on that horrible desert planet in the first place. No, not Rey’s mysterious parents, we’re talking about J.J. Abrams. According to Variety, Ridley is in talks to join the cast of the Abrams-produced supernatural drama Kolma, which is a remake of an Israeli TV movie from 2003 called Kol Ma (or “All I’ve Got” in English). The original is about a man who is killed in a car accident and then waits in the afterlife for 50 years until his girlfriend—who survived the accident—dies. Once she does, though, she’s given a choice to either return to the day of the accident and live her life again or finally be reunited with her dead boyfriend. Ridley would presumably be playing the woman who is asked to make this difficult choice, even though the choice doesn’t seem like it’d be too hard unless the boyfriend was a jerk or her life after he died was way more awesome.

Kolma is being directed by Marielle Heller from a script by Megan Holley.