(Photo: Getty Images/Disneyland Resort, Richard Harbaugh)

As reported by Deadline, Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn has been enlisted to slide across the hood of a 1976 Gran Torino and develop a revival of classic buddy cop show Starsky And Hutch. The project will once again be a TV show, unlike the Owen Wilson/Ben Stiller movie from a few years ago, and Deadline says it’s being billed as a “character-driven one-hour procedural.” That kind of makes it sound relatively serious in tone, but Gunn is writing it (along with his brother Brian and cousin Mark), so it will most likely retain his sense of humor. Gunn is also expected to direct the series, assuming he has room in his schedule and the show actually gets picked up somewhere.

That last part is an important sticking point, as Sony Pictures TV is producing the show but no network or streaming service is attached yet. In other words, there’s still a ways to go before this actually gets made, so it’s like Gunn has slid across the car hood but nobody has unlocked the door or started the engine yet.