The real point here seems to be that Super Nintendo World will have some kind augmented reality game, where people can pair a wrist strap with a phone app, but that doesn’t mean you’ll really get to meet the real Mario or eat a flower that lets you shoot fireballs. Also, the Koopalings are there, and those guys are evil. Nintendo and Universal aren’t just going to let evil Koopas run around, it would be too dangerous. The other important thing we wanted to bring up was the song itself, “We Are Born To Play,” which may not start off especially interesting but becomes rad as hell by the end of the video when it starts mixing in actual Super Mario music.

It’s awesome, and more than anything it makes us wonder if the kind of joy depicted in this video really is possible. Will Super Nintendo World be the thing that finally makes us happy? We can only hope. (We’re also hoping the whole thing won’t be Mario-themed. Could we get some Zelda in there, Nintendo? Maybe a little Metroid?)