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Jared Leto gave a brief tribute to Chester Bennington at the VMAs

(Photo: Getty Images For iHeartMedia, Rich Fury)

It’s a regular practice for award shows to put on tributes to big-name artists who have recently died—something we all become pretty familiar with in 2016—and while MTV’s Video Music Awards are generally more upbeat and silly than most award ceremonies, tonight’s show still set some time aside to honor Chester Bennington. Jared Leto took the stage and gave a heartfelt speech about what Bennington and Linkin Park meant to him and his own band, adding that anyone who is struggling with suicidal thoughts should remember that “the absolute biggest breakthroughs in life lie just beyond the darkest days.”

Leto, who also wrote a bit about Bennington’s death last month, then introduced a brief clip of Linkin Park performing at the 2010 VMAs.


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