As the old adage goes, what Jason Bateman has always really wanted to do is direct, and he’s finally getting the chance with Bad Words. Adapted from a script that made the 2011 Black List, Bad Words stars Bateman  as a maladjusted adult who still competes in primary school spelling bees thanks to a loophole that doesn’t require an age limit—merely that the speller cannot have passed the eighth grade. En route to the national spelling bee, Bateman meets a precocious boy in need of a friend, and soon the bad influences spiral, culminating in a hooker named Marzipan showing the kid her nipples. As the title suggests, it's a spelling bee spin on Bad Teacher, with Bateman swearing up a storm in this red-band trailer and rattling off various different offensive nicknames for his young competitor. Bad Words also stars Allison Janney, Kathryn Hahn, Rachael Harris, Judith Hoag, and Philip Baker Hall.