Judging by her film repertoire, the main acting settings on the Jessica Alba mainframe are Jessica Alba stare (Fantastic Four), Jessica Alba dance (Sin City), and Jessica Alba fall down (Good Luck Chuck). But as evidenced by this trailer for her upcoming organ-transplant-gone-predictibly-awry horror movie remake, The Eye, Alba has added a new simple action to her repertoire: Jessica Alba squint.

And who knew that a squint could convey so much, from "Ow, that corneal transplant really hurt," to "Ow! I wish these ghost visions would go away," to "Ow! My eye has feelings of its own." Uncontrollable body parts haven't been this convincing since Devon Sawa's clenched hand work in Idle Hands (of course, that movie was supposed to be funny):

The trailer doesn't show the touching scene where Alba's eye squints "I love you," in Morse code to Mira Sorvino (a la At First Sight), or the part where her eye hilariously squints her two best friends to death, but really there are only so many places a movie like this can go.