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Jimmy Kimmel celebrates Trump's 2000th lie with the stirring documentary, Pants Of Fire

Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Screenshot: ABC)

On Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, host Kimmel, after spending his monologue taking his usual shots at another day of Donald Trump’s mendacious nonsense, paused to confess that he’s almost impressed by “the volume of fiction that comes out of his orange mouth.” Backing up his assertion that, as he put it earlier in the monologue “saying knowingly false things while money flows into his bank account” is literally Trump’s métier, Kimmel then introduced the supposed C-Span “mini-documentary” Pants Of Fire: The Road To 2000 Lies.

Bringing in a pair of scholarly experts on lying (including one purportedly from the fact checking department of The Washington Post, which has assiduously and genuinely acted as the Trump whopper record keeper for the past 11 months), the doc takes the form of an inspirational sports tale. Noting the staggeringly hot start Trump got off to in his first week in office (crowd size, inauguration weather, electoral college margin), one expert excitedly explained his thought at the time that, “He cannot sustain this pace!”


As we all know, and Pants Of Fire documents, Trump could, and has. “His PolitiFact numbers were off the charts,” said one commentator of Trump’s mid-2017 dishonesty tear, before marking off such milestones in mendacity as his denunciation of a non-existent Swedish terrorist attack (lie #519), claim that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower (#768), and the complete pile of horseshit that he had signed more bills into law than any president ever (#1228). Wrapping up with Tuesday’s momentous fabrication that his ludicrous Game Of Thrones wall could be completed in a year (#2000!), the narrator concluded that Donald Trump’s massive achievement truly proves what a person can do with “a total lack of shame, an unlimited capacity for bullshit” and, naturally, “pants of fire.” Even should Trump’s career be cut short because of... you know... those are some Hall of Fame bullshit stats.

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