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John Carpenter directed a new video for his Christine theme song

(Photo: Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly, Alberto E. Rodriguez)

Stephen King adaptations are hot again thanks to It (and not a certain cowboy movie), and in what’s either a well-timed tie-in or a very happy coincidence, John Carpenter has put together a new King adaptation of his own—or at least an extended homage to a King adaptation he already made. As announced in a press release, Carpenter is promoting his upcoming album Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998 with a video he directed for “Christine,” a rerecording of the theme from his 1983 Stephen King movie Christine. The video doesn’t follow the exact plot of King’s story or Carpenter’s movie, but it does have a woman running from a spooky old Plymouth. That’s all you really need to get the basic concept of Christine.

On another important note, that same press release points out that this video is Carpenter’s first “narrative visual work” since he made The Ward in 2010. Carpenter is also supposedly directing a pilot for screenwriter/Solid Snake voice actor David Hayter, but it’s still unclear if that’s an actual thing or just some wild internet dream.


Anthology will be available on October 20.

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