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John Williams and some kind of roguish Santa Claus (Photo: Getty Images for Turner, Alberto E. Rodriguez)

A lot of Star Wars characters have a little theme that can be played or referenced when they appear on screen or tragically die, like Darth Vader with “The Imperial March,” Luke Skywalker with “The Force Theme/Binary Sunset,” and Leia with the aptly named “Princess Leia’s Theme,” but other than “Han Solo And The Princess” from The Empire Strikes Back, composer John Williams hasn’t really given Han Solo a theme song to call his own. That’s going to change for Ron Howard’s Solo: A Star Wars Story, which is finally giving Han a song just a few years after the character was killed off in The Force Awakens.

This comes from Variety, which notes that the rest of the score is coming from How To Train Your Dragon’s John Powell. Solo will only be the second Star Wars movie to not feature a score from Williams, with the other being last year’s Rogue One—which ended up having a composing hiccup that required Michael Giacchino to write the whole thing in about four weeks.


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