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Johnnie Walker will bring futuristic Blade Runner whiskey to the public

(Photo: Getty Images, Samuel De Roman)

When a futuristic cop is trying to kill you and your friends but you need a little extra confidence before you take off your clothes and start pushing your head through a few walls to intimidate him, nothing gets the job done quite as well as a special Blade Runner-themed bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label. Warner Bros. had originally only made that cool grown-up juice available to attendees at the Blade Runner Comic-Con party earlier this year, but now Johnnie Walker has announced that it’s going to release a limited run of Blade Runner 2049 whiskey to the public.


According to io9, the special line of Blade Runner whiskey is called “The Director’s Cut” (though Blade Runner fans know you’ve gotta save something special for the Final Cut), and each fancy bottle will cost $90. Unfortunately, they’ll also be hard to find, with only 39,000 bottles being released in 15 markets all over the world. If you want to track one of these down, even if it’s just to leave an origami unicorn outside of its apartment, they’ll be available later this month.

[Note: io9, like The A.V. Club, is owned by Univision Communications.]

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