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Jon Hamm would like to play Batman, if anyone out there is hiring

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yesterday, we heard that Warner Bros. was planning to kick Henry Cavill out of its DC superhero movies, and that someone—maybe even Michael B. Jordan?—would be stepping in to replace him the next time the world needed Superman. We haven’t heard anything about Ben Affleck also losing his gig as WB’s current Batman, but Affleck’s already got somebody waiting in the batwings in case he ever does hang up the cowl. Speaking with Grahan Bensinger for his In Depth interview series (via The Hollywood Reporter), Jon Hamm noted that he’d definitely be interested in playing Batman if anyone were to ask him.

The key there is that nobody has asked him, with Hamm even adding that he has “sat in the room with all these guys” and nobody thought to suggest that he could play Batman at some point. “I am a huge comic book fan,” he said, “and I’m pretty knowledgeable about a lot of them,” so it’s not like this is just based on the fact that Hamm is a handsome dude with dark hair and a square jaw (the most important factors for any Batman actor). He even assumes he’d “fit the suit,” which is a cute nod that seems to imply that he thinks there’s one real Batman suit that everybody has to wear, even though he wouldn’t be too excited about having to “work out a lot.”

This all comes as Affleck has wavered between begging WB to let him stop being Batman and then publicly wondering why anyone would think he doesn’t want to be Batman anymore, so it’s hard to say when there’ll even be an opening for Hamm. Now, let’s all sit back and try to imagine how Warner Bros. would inevitably fuck up a future Justice League movie with Michael B. Jordan as Superman and Jon Hamm as Batman.


Anyway, if you’re in the market for a Batman, feel free to contact Hamm’s agent.