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With everyone from John Carpenter to Jamie Lee Curtis on board, the Halloween reboot is now scheduled for an October 19, 2018 release date. David Gordon Green is directing the film, which will set aside the small matter of Laurie Strode’s (Curtis) death in one of the sequels, as well as co-writing it with Danny McBride. The duo hasn’t actually described their movie as a remake, but they’ve made it clear they aren’t focusing on continuity, because again, that would mean Laurie would be dead.

But though there won’t be any immortal beings, the film might have added a new family member. Deadline reports that Judy Greer is currently in talks to join the cast as Laurie’s daughter Karen—and yes, we can totally see it. Greer’s appeared in several horror films, including Cursed, The Village (horror? we guess), and the 2013 remake of Stephen King’s Carrie, so this shouldn’t be much of a stretch for her. There’s still no word on which strong, silent type will take on the role of Michael Myers.


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