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Julee Cruise says Twin Peaks finale was a “slap in the face”

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If you’re still trying to make heads or tails of the Twin Peaks finale, you’re not the only one. Julee Cruise, who contributed the indelible “Falling” and “The World Spins” to the show’s soundtrack, seems taken aback by “Part 18.” The singer collaborated with David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti on these songs before the first season of Twin Peaks aired; her career really took off as audiences fell for her ethereal vocals, a direction she acknowledges her work on the show set her on. On Sunday, she became the first Roadhouse act to return to the main stage, where she performed “The World Spins” for a new generation of viewers.

But as much consideration as Lynch usually gives the music on his projects, Cruise’s performance was cut a bit short—at least, that’s the way she views it. The singer posted this picture and caption on Facebook after watching Sunday’s finale, claiming she was ready to separate her life from Twin Peaks for good after Lynch purportedly did some questionable editing.


Cruise continued to comment on her post, writing that she’d “yelled [her] head off” watching the episode, which saw her perform with Chromatics. The way the singer tells it, she had to be convinced to join the revival after going to great lengths to be unreachable. She called the post-production treatment of her final scenes a “slap in the face,” referred to Lynch as “The Emperor,” and said she was treated like “trash.”

Cut to Tuesday morning—Cruise has shared an interview she did with the Los Angeles Times about her Twin Peaks revival experience, in which she credits the sound she created with Lynch and Badalamenti for defining her career. The interview was done before she watched the finale, though, and before she’d watched any of the new season, which probably accounts for the happier take.

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