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Justice League's Blu-Ray will add just 1 deleted scene, and you have to get it at Walmart

Justice League (Photo: Warner Bros.)

Last year’s superhero team-up blockbuster Justice League was a claustrophobic mess of bad effects, boring urban and industrial locations, and awkward, cramped staging. It was also the third most expensive movie ever made, budgeted at a cool $300 million. (That’s not counting marketing costs, which were likely around $150 million.) So what gives? Maybe the extensive, Joss Whedon-directed reshoots—complete with the costly digital shaving of Superman’s upper lip—can share some of the blame for the film’s failures of imagination and overall network-TV-pilot vibe. Though credited solely to original director Zack Snyder, who left the production 8 months before the film hit theaters, Justice League was significantly re-worked by Whedon, who also deleted many long sequences, cut a number of subplots and supporting characters, and replaced the original score.

Snyder apologists have been campaigning since last year for the release of a director’s cut—possibly something in the manner of the R-rated “Ultimate Edition” of the bombastic visual poetaster’s last DC superhero slugfest, the idiosyncratically overblown Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. And, per ScreenCrush, it appears that Warner Bros. has decided to meet these fans about 1/100th of the way there: The studio will be including exactly one deleted scene on the upcoming Blu-Ray of Justice League, which will be exclusive to Walmart.


Will this one scene fix all of Justice League’s considerable problems? Will it satisfy the demands of people who believe that movie trailers are binding contracts, rather than advertisements for the often shoddy products of a corporation whose business model is based on massive opening weekends? It’s unlikely, and we’re not going to drive to Cicero to find out.

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