These days, Jules Stewart is known primarily as the woman who gave the curse of life to Kristen Stewart, forever burdening her. But this narrow definition ignores Jules Stewart's own long and storied Hollywood career as a script supervisor on movies such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, Jingle All The Way, and Snow Dogs, among other films where the written word was paramount. Fortunately for her, all of that may change now that Jules Stewart's directorial debut K-11 has been picked up for U.S. theatrical distribution by Breaking Glass Pictures. And while some may think being Kristen Stewart's mom had something to do with this recent prodigious turn, the film's publicist assures via press release that it's just a coincidence, saying, "In addition to the coincidence of being Kristen Stewart’s mom, Jules has a VERY prodigious list of credits as a script supervisor and two more movies in development," so there.

Indeed, other than the official publicity copy making pointed reference to Stewart as "the mother of Twilight actress Kristen Stewart," Breaking Glass fully expects K-11 to stand on its own as the harrowing, non-Kristen Stewart-related tale of a drug-addled record producer (ER's Goran Visnjic) who finds himself in the section of the L.A. jail reserved for gay and transgender inmates, ruled by a scary "transsexual diva." The film co-stars Portia Doubleday as another transgender named "Butterfly," Friday's Tiny Lister as a child molester, Clerks' Jason Mewes, and Kristen Stewart's brother Cameron in his own film debut—so naturally, as Breaking Glass CEO Rich Wolff puts it, "We are gunning for multiple award nominations." Hopefully they don't forget to tell the nominating committees about the coincidence of this being directed by Kristen Stewart's mom.