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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will definitely be the tallest person on the Veronica Mars writing staff

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Veronica Mars is officially returning next year thanks to Hulu, who offered the cult mystery series an eight-episode order. Not only will star Kristen Bell be returning, but so will creator Rob Thomas, who just took to Twitter to reveal his writing crew for the revival. Among them? Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the basketball legend, actor, producer, cultural ambassador, and Bachelorette superfan who just might win the award for Coolest Career Ever.

Abdul-Jabbar is also a prolific writer, having penned a voluminous body of work that, yes, includes a mystery novel and accompanying comic book series. Mycroft Holmes, which he wrote with screenwriter Anna Waterhouse, was published in 2015 and features spirits that drain children of their blood. Dude isn’t messing around.


Thomas sounds very, very excited to have Abdul-Jabbar onboard and, lest you think he’s just joshing, he confirmed that the man is indeed on staff in a subsequent tweet.


The Veronica Mars saga received a Kickstarted movie back in 2014, which found its namesake working at a law firm in New York. The revival series, it appears, will return to her hometown of Neptune to revive the Mars Investigations private detective firm started by her father. Fingers crossed Abdul-Jabbar also appears onscreen, where he’ll repeatedly insist to Dick Casablancas that, no, he is definitely not Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.