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Kevin Bacon celebrates Earth Day by sitting in a tree and singing along to Joni Mitchell

Kevin Bacon, pictured outside of his natural woodland habitat.
Kevin Bacon, pictured outside of his natural woodland habitat.
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Kevin Bacon is the founder of a charity that’s currently focused on Earth Day fundraising with a campaign called Save Our Sphere. Bacon has done what he must in order to increase the visibility of this program, bravely entering the pokey embrace of a forsythia tree to showcase a few of his favorite songs about the environment.


In a video posted to his Instagram account, Bacon filmed himself sitting in the plant, proclaiming himself a literal “tree hugger,” and then relaxing to some tunes by Marvin Gaye, Joni Mitchell, and Louis Armstrong. While the visual of a famous actor caressing a tree’s branches while wearing a t-shirt of a stick man pumping gasoline into his head is attention-grabbing on its own, it’s Bacon’s song commentary that really makes the clip. “Here’s a few songs from amazing artists talking about our planet,” he says, before hitting play on the Gaye cut he calls, “Mercy, Mercy Me, The Ecology.”

“What a great track,” he adds in the relaxed tones of a late night radio DJ. “And here’s one from one of my personal G.O.A.Ts, the amazing Joni Mitchell, talking about that ‘Big Yellow Taxi,’” Bacon continues. “I remember when I heard this, she said a big yellow taxi took away my old man, and I thought that’s so sad about her dad.” He waits a moment, then concludes: “I don’t think she was talking about her dad... I wonder what she thinks of the Counting Crows version.” He sings along to the chorus, nods at the camera, and adds, “So true.” The video ends with him urging viewers to do what they can to save our “Wonderful World” as the Louis Armstrong track plays.

It’s hard to beat the good vibes radiating from this specific post, but we should point out that the rest of Bacon’s Instagram isn’t bad either. If you’re looking for short, Kyra Sedgwick co-starring comedy skits about turning off unnecessary lights, alpaca selfies with bad joke captions, or he and Sedgwick proving their love of Joni with at-home covers, the man’s got you covered.

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