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Kevin McDonald says Lorne Michaels wants to bring back The Kids In The Hall

(Photo: Getty Images, Jason Kempin)

Speaking with Florida’s News-Press, Kids In The Hall member Kevin McDonald has teased that the sketch comedy troupe might be coming back to TV at some point. The group—which also includes Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson—originally came to TV with the Kids In The Hall show in the late-’80s, which aired on CBC in Canada and started on HBO in the United States. It later moved to CBS, ending its run 1994 and eventually getting replaced with the original incarnation of The Late Late Show.

Now, McDonald says that Lorne Michaels has contacted the group to discuss doing a revival of some sort, possibly like what Netflix did with Mr. Show, but at this point the idea only exists in a group text between the Kids In The Hall members. “It’s so at the beginning, we’re not able to even get conference calls together,” he told the News-Press, adding that “there’s always one or two of us that are kind of busy” and that there’s always one of them who doesn’t like the idea of getting back together. That being said, McDonald believes that everybody’s on board this time, and he’s going to try and make it happen.


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