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Kong: Skull Island writer and director reuniting for Metal Gear Solid movie

(Photo: Getty Images for Wired, Phillip Faraone)

Way back in 2014, years before he directed Kong: Skull Island, Jordan Vogt-Roberts was attached to direct a movie version of Metal Gear Solid, the first game in what is arguably the greatest video game series of all time for people who like walking tanks, global conspiracies, elderly terrorists who dress like gunslingers, clones upon clones upon clones, eyepatches, bandanas, and the clever twist of making a game about shooting people that also expresses a lot of pacifistic ideals. Anyway, Vogt-Roberts was never officially on board back then, but now the Metal Gear Solid adaptation is officially moving forward with Vogt-Roberts reuniting with his Kong writer Derek Connolly (who also wrote Jurassic World and its upcoming sequel).

We don’t really know anything specific about this project beyond that, but having now idea what’s going on is at least a staple of the Metal Gear games. Unfortunately, though, it seems safe to assume that original series creator Hideo Kojima won’t be involved with the movie, since he and Metal Gear studio Konami had a pretty major falling-out a few years ago that resulted in him leaving the company and the final game in his series getting a depressingly truncated ending that introduced numerous plot holes that will now never be resolved.


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