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Kristen Bell will guest star on Parks And Recreation

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In yet another Party Down reunion that is not a Party Down reunion, Kristen Bell has been confirmed by Entertainment Weekly to guest star on Parks And Recreation, where she will join her former Party Down romantic interest Adam Scott in doing things completely unrelated to Party Down. According to Michael Schur, she’ll instead be playing a city councilwoman, Leslie’s “equivalent, but richer and better dressed” rival from Eagleton—the neighboring town that is almost entirely populated by female guest stars who are Leslie’s richer and better-dressed rivals. And while there’s no indication yet that Bell will end up in an old-fashioned garbage fight like Parker Posey, her episode does revolve around a high-school basketball game, so that’s basically the same thing. Again, there will be nothing Party Down reunion-related here, unless you consider Bell and Scott just sharing the same space a Party Down reunion. In that case, the entire world is a Party Down reunion, if you think about it. And we’re all in it, all the time.