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Last year, when Bernie Sanders was a fun herald of our gloriously liberal future and not a painful reminder of how little it pays to be hopeful about anything, his passing resemblance to Larry David inspired Saturday Night Live to bring the Seinfeld co-creator on to host an episode of the show—an episode that turned out to be pretty good. Now, with his Curb Your Enthusiasm series finally back on HBO, SNL has decided to let David host once again. His episode will air on November 4, with Miley Cyrus stopping by as the musical guest.

That’ll make it three weeks since the last new SNL, which was this week’s Kumail Nanjiani-hosted episode, but fans of the show aren’t being totally left hanging. On October 28, Tom Hanks’ beloved character David S. Pumpkins will be taking over the regular SNL slot for an animated Halloween special.


[via Deadline]

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