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Leave room on your Festivus list this year for the Seinfeld Lego set

Lego's latest Ideas set includes Jerry's apartment, a stage for stand-up, and a bunch of props from the show

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Lego Seinfeld
Lego Seinfeld
Screenshot: Courtesy of Lego

Lego has produced a couple of Friends sets recently under its Ideas label, a sub-brand that has also given the world a semi-functional typewriter, a very expensive grand piano, and a hideous single shoe, but Lego is going back to the ‘90s sitcom well for its latest set: a surprisingly faithful recreation of Jerry’s apartment from Seinfeld—yes, the one that fun-haters decided “can’t exist,” as if nobody ever designed an apartment in a major city with seemingly nonsensical angles and windows. Now you can appreciate the sci-fi geometry in three dimensions, along with tiny versions of Jerry, Elaine, George, Kramer, and even the detestable postman Newman. A David Puddy figure would’ve been nice, but we’ll just have to wait for a second set that includes him, J. Peterman, Mr. Wilhelm/Tania, Kenny Bania, Poppie, Kramer’s buddy Bob Sacamano, both Lloyd Brauns, Tim Whatley, and Jackie Chiles… not to mention all of the family members, like Morty and Helen Seinfeld, Frank and Estelle Costanza, and Uncle Leo.

Anyway, this Seinfeld Lego set also includes a bunch of little gag props that you can use to recreate your favorite moments while playing with your toy (and/or appreciating it on a shelf as an “art piece,” which is even nerdier than playing with it as a toy). Elaine has a goldfish in a bag from when they lost the car, George has a fishing pole for recovering the marble rye, and Kramer has both a pretzel (from his big line in a Woody Allen movie) and a coffee table book that turns into a coffee table. Jerry also gets a little brick wall stand-up stage that you can use for little bookend sequences before and after you play—but please, for the love of god, don’t put your Kramer minifigure on that stage.


Speaking of the figures, the likenesses are all pretty good, especially with Elaine and George, but the standardized size of Lego minifigures means George and Kramer are the same height. Still, this means that you can finally have Lego Jerry meet Lego Superman, or have Lego George find out if Lego Iron Man has any Lego iron undergarments on underneath his suit. The Seinfeld Lego set will cost $80 and includes 1,326 pieces. It’ll be available on August 1.