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The Friends Lego set comes with Gunther, for all you weird Gunther fans

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Lego still makes a lot of sets that are specifically targeted to kids, but over the last few years it has found a way to connect to grown-up Lego fans with pricier sets that pay homage to movies and TV shows that kids might not have any particular fondness for—like The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, and classic Voltron, all of which have gotten surprisingly expensive Lego sets recently. The latest scheme to separate adult Lego fans from their money is a Friends set featuring minifgures of all six Friends and a surprisingly elaborate Central Perk set for them to hang out in. Each of the Friends even comes with an accessory, and the hair piece on the Rachel figure is so accurate that the rest could just be completely featureless and it would still be completely recognizable as Rachel from Friends.


That’s all boring, though. The real highlight of the Friends Lego set is that it includes a figure of James Michael Tyler’s Central Perk manager Gunther. He comes with a broom that he can use to clean up after the Friends when they leave him all alone and go back to their fun lives, as well as a permanent forced smile for when he has to pretend that he doesn’t hate seeing these people taking up half of his coffee shop every damn day. Oh sure, he tends to be in the background when they have parties, but he’s not a real Friend. Luckily, now that he’s a Lego, you can easily put Gunther in an X-Wing and fly him off to some more appreciate Lego set. (Of course, the problem with that is that the Gunther figure doesn’t look as distinct as, say, his beloved Rachel, so people not get that it’s Gunther if you take him out of this context.)

The Friends Lego set will be available in September for $60.

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