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Let's read way, way too much into the new Westworld trailer

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Westworld seems designed, moreso than most post-Lost mystery box shows, to inspire intense online theorizing and scrutiny. The show’s two-minute trailer revealed on Sunday shows it’s lost none of its capacity for intrigue. Buried deep within the trailer was a link to a separate website for Delos Destinations, the company that operates Westworld; digging around there reveals the fact that there are some six separate parks being operated. What could they be?

We’ve spent plenty of time at the titular park, and the end of the first season revealed a new one built around samurais, but that leaves four new locations. The original 1973 film had Medieval World and Roman World, which the showrunners have said they’re likely to revisit, and the sequel to that movie was Futureworld, so there’s five likely culprits. All of which leaves two burning questions: 1) What might the sixth world be?, and 2) Why do they close the names of the parks sometimes (Futureworld and Westworld) and spell it as two separate words in others? Fan sites and copy editors everywhere are burning with curiosity.

But while the existence of this website raises plenty of questions about the future destinations of the series—there is a compelling and awesome argument that these parks are being built on Mars, for example—the trailer itself opens up some smaller-scale insinuations about the direction of this next season, as the above video from Alt Shift X points out. Dolores and Maeve look to be leading full-scale rebellions, but whether or not that’s of their own volition or part of Ford’s broader design remains to be seen. Young Logan is shown out in the real world surrounded by what appear to be robots, suggesting that the show will finally get off the park. Also there’s some fucking wolf that keeps popping up after massacres to sniff things out, and his head shows up on a table in a way that is absolutely not accidental.


Our money is on the massacre-wolf being a martian voiced by Kanye West. This theory will be confirmed with finality when the show comes back April 22.

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