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A little more than two weeks ago, Liam Neeson’s life turned into the beginning of the first act of a Liam Neeson movie when he announced that he was retiring from making action movies. Now, his life has turned into the end of the first act of a Liam Neeson movie with the announcement that he’s pulling out of retirement. Neeson himself made that reveal at the premiere of his new film Mark Felt, saying, “It’s not true, look at me! You’re talking in the past tense. I’m going to be doing action movies until they bury me in the ground. I’m unretired.”

Unfortunately for fans of obvious jokes, it doesn’t look like Neeson was pulled out of retirement by some evil villain who thought he could take advantage of the aging Irishman, only to discover that Neeson has a particular set of skills for making interchangeable action movies that all have a similar premise. It’s more likely that he just realized making action movies is fun and easy, and he didn’t want to give up all of that sweet Hard Powder money.


[via Variety]

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