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Logan Super Bowl trailer trades Johnny Cash for “Amazing Grace”

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

With Pirates Of The Caribbean using a Johnny Cash song in its Super Bowl trailer, Logan has turned to “Amazing Grace” for its showing at the Big Game—after using Cash’s “Hurt” in its excellent first trailer. To people who haven’t been following this film, that particular song may be a bit surprising, but we’re pretty far removed from the days of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine hanging out with the X-Men and feuding with Cyclops over Jean Grey’s heart. These days, it’s all sorrow, Professor Xavier dying, and stabbing people alongside a little girl who has the same powers as Jackman’s Logan. There’s not a ton of new stuff here, but we do get to see some glimpses of Logan’s new robot-handed villain and Xavier having what looks like a telepathic freakout, neither of which bode well for our hirsute hero.

Logan will be in theaters on March 3.