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Lone Survivor

Americans may be briefly reminded that we've been at war in Afghanistan for 12 years and counting now that director Peter Berg is adapting Lone Survivor, Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell's bestselling account of a mission gone wrong in Afghanistan in 2005. Mark Wahlberg plays Luttrell, and the rest of his rough-and-tumble team includes actors Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster, and Taylor Kitsch (who Berg also directed in Friday Night Lights and Battleship).


The trailer here shows the pivotal incident of the film, in which Wahlberg's team, on a mission to kill a Taliban warlord, encounters a group of goat herders and is left with a choice between murdering the civilians to keep them quiet and letting them go knowing they may tip off their location to a much larger Taliban force in the area. After the group decides to do the right thing, everything starts to go, well, about as well as anything in Afghanistan ever goes. Peter Gabriel contributes a mournful cover of David Bowie's "Heroes" as the bullets start to fly.

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