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Looks like Breitbart really digs the new Taylor Swift song

(Photo: Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

Reactions to Taylor Swift’s new, Taylor Swift-destroying track, “Look What You Made Me Do,” have been mixed, to say the least. The chorus in particular has underwhelmed; it squanders whatever momentum she was hoping to get out of her renewed callouts of Kanye West and Katy Perry in the verses. And her newly-released lyric video hasn’t made up much of that ground among Swift’s less ardent fans, who see a ripoff of Beyoncé’s “Formation” video in the 1989 singer’s attempt at a cinematic clapback. But Swift is still finding support for her new track outside of the usual fan forums, as Breitbart spent part of Saturday tweeting out “Look What You Made Me Do” lyrics along with its stories.


Noisey caught on to the strange trend over the weekend, watching as the presumed Swifty who runs the far-right publication’s Twitter account captioned links to stories about Trump with Swift’s words. It doesn’t look like the site made it through the entire song, preferring to stick to the weak chorus or repeat the “actress in your bad dreams” line.


Breitbart finished its Swift homage— the singer’s unwittingly become a kind of neo-Nazi idol, with writers from publications like The Daily Stormer calling her a “pure Aryan goddess”—or parody or whatever the hell that was in time to revel in the pardon of convicted criminal and former sheriff Joe “Okay, inmates, now let’s get into concentration camps” Arpaio.

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