(Photo: Getty Images for Walt Disney Studios, Ben A. Pruchnie)

It’s been almost three months since directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired from the Han Solo movie, but they’re not just moping around and wishing the Star Wars people had been more appreciative of their freewheeling approach to making a big-budget spin-off of a very important film franchise. According to Variety, they’re getting right back to work with a new TV project for ABC that has a “significant penalty attached”—meaning this thing is probably going to air, or ABC will have to fork over some cash.

Tentatively titled We Can Do Better, the show is about a “newly ‘woke’” soccer mom who must navigate life in the south “as a parent, wife, American citizen, and daughter of hardcore conservative parents.” Lord and Miller are executive producing, but the script was written by Community and Last Man On Earth veteran Liz Cackowski.