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If the new trailer is any indication, the sequel to Robert Rodriguez's 2010 ode to film violence Machete—itself based on a fake trailer from 2007's Grindhouse, utilizing a minor character from the 2002 family film Spy Kids (look it up)—looks to be even more Machete-like than the first one. Which is to say, purposefully over-the-top, gleefully gory and unapologetically silly. Whereas its predecessor made a minor attempt to thread a thin political message about immigration reform or some such thing into its explosions and decapitations, Machete Kills appears uninterested in anything so heady. Instead, Danny Trejo, in the titular role, needs to stop a terrorist with a nuclear missile, which might as well be a Doomsday Device or a Planet Blower-Upper.


Rodriguez again assembles an eclectic cast, adding celebrities like Lady Gaga, Amber Heard, and Sophia Vergara, all of whom could be using their fame for more respectable activities than pulling off rubber masks and machine-gunning people with their bustiers if this didn't look like so much fun. Bad guy Mel Gibson seems to be in damage-control/make-light-of-himself phase of his career, and Charlie Sheen, listed in the credits by his real name Carlos Estevez, playing the President of the United States really just speaks volumes.

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