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Mark Wahlberg acknowledges that The Happening sucked

Like an old woman eyeing a lemon drink as if for the very first time, Mark Wahlberg has had a rare moment of clarity regarding his role in M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening, telling reporters at a press conference for The Fighter that the killer-tree film in which he played a science teacher who breaks from saving the world to tease his wife with made-up anecdotes about good-looking pharmacists and completely superfluous bottles of cough syrup was, in fact, not very good. Regarding meeting his Fighter co-star Amy Adams, Wahlberg said:

“We had actually had the luxury of having lunch before to talk about another movie and it was a bad movie that I did. She dodged the bullet. And then I was still able to … I don’t want to tell you what movie … all right, The Happening. Fuck it. It is what it is. Fucking trees, man. The plants. Fuck it. You can’t blame me for not wanting to try to play a science teacher. At least I wasn’t playing a cop or a crook.”


What? No!