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Ridley Scott has previously indicated that he was proud of how the cast and crew of All The Money In The World came together to reshoot the film with Christopher Plummer in place of Kevin Spacey, when Spacey was dropped from the project after a number of actors accused him of sexual assault and harassment. Scott even noted in an interview that pretty much everybody agreed to come back and do their shoots for free. According to a report from The Washington Post, though, that’s not exactly true. Apparently, star Mark Wahlberg was able to negotiate for a pretty big fee in order to return to the film, landing a $1.5 million bonus for about 10 extra days of shooting. Meanwhile, USA Today says that Wahlberg’s co-star Michelle Williams wasn’t told about the fee, and she was only given an $80 per diem that came out to be less than $1,000. In other words, as that USA Today story points out, she made less than 1 percent of what Wahlberg made during the reshoots.

The Washington Post story also explains that Wahlberg and his manager have a reputation for “driving a tough bargain,” with director J.C. Chandor supposedly dropping out of Deepwater Horizon because Wahlberg’s huge pay requirement ate up too much of the budget. Forbes even named him the highest-paid actor of the year in August, despite the fact that he recently starred in multiple box office disappointments.


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