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Marvel's Runaways gets a strong new trailer showing off powers and parents

It was less than a month ago that the first trailer went up for Hulu’s new Marvel series Runaways, about a group of kids who accidentally uncover the fact that their parents are supervillains. It looked pretty appealing. Today a longer trailer was released, and now it looks even better.


This is basically a more involved version of the shorter trailer we already got, but it adds layers to the story and starts to convey more of the tone of the show. Fans of the comics already know this, but the trailer makes clear that these kids were former friends who drifted apart as they entered their teenage years. So when they get back together only to discover their parents’ terrible secret, there’s plenty of built-up emotional baggage accompanying them as they go on the run from their families.

Additionally, we start to see the powers some of them possess. Some are inherited mutant abilities and some are just the result of very cool technology, but everyone has something that makes them stand out—and although the trailer only shows a very brief glimpse of it, there’s a dinosaur involved. As long as the creative team didn’t water down the story or try to shy away from the darker elements of the original narrative, there’s a good chance that Runaways could end up being something very special—everything that Inhumans isn’t, in other words.

Runaways premieres on Hulu November 21.