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McDonald's will bring back the Szechuan sauce again, so please calm down

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This weekend, McDonald’s realized that it grossly underestimated Rick And Morty’s ability to convince fans to became ridiculously obsessed with something that they couldn’t have cared less about even a year ago, with restaurants taking part in a big chicken strip promotional campaign getting slammed by hordes of customers looking to grab some of McDonald’s old Szechuan sauce. The long-lost condiment was part of a Rick And Morty joke back in April, and up until this weekend, McDonald’s had been having some fun teasing the show’s fans and one of its creators with the possibility of letting them taste the thing from TV. The sauce rollout this weekend was a mess, though, with fans lining up by the 100s only to discover that some stores had only received 20 or so sauce packets. Many left disappointed, some threatened class action lawsuits, and a few supposedly screamed at McDonald’s employees over their inability to produce more of the TV sauce.

Now, in what is probably an attempt to prevent all of its employees from getting doxxed by people on the internet, McDonald’s has announced that it will bring the sauce back at some point. The company has shared a statement on Twitter, and while it doesn’t specifically say when the sauce will be back, it does promise that it will happen “this winter.” The statement also uses the words “portal” and “dimension,” which are things that people say on Rick And Morty. Fun!


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