Meet Stormfront, The Boys' villainous new hero

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When we first meet Stormfront in season two of The Boys, she’s subverting every existing superhero paradigm that we know in the show. She’s showing the strings and scotch tape behind the glamour, and she’s using memes and social media to manipulate her fans into getting on board with her message. But what is her message? And are we to truly believe Stormfront is really as cool as she might seem?

The A.V. Club talked to Aya Cash, who plays Stormfront, and Antony “Homelander” Starr about the new hero, and whether she’s emblematic of what we want from our political icons today. In the clip above, we also talked about New Zealand care packages and what it’s like to be a petulant child inhabiting a grown superman’s body.

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