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Mike Myers would happily crap out a new Shrek movie every year

Hey now, you're an all-star, get your annual Shrek movie, get paid

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Mike Myers and Shrek
Mike Myers and Shrek
Photo: Frazer Harrison (Getty Images)

The kids who grew up watching the Shrek movies are now old enough to be posting weird nostalgic shit on social media, all of which involves Shrek, resulting in a lot of weird nostalgia going around about Shrek. And now, fresh off of that weird Shrek cameo in Mike Myers’ The Pentaverate on Netflix, Myers is going around talking about his own weird Shrek nostalgia.

In a video for GQ, Myers explained that he realized while recording his dialogue for the first movie that Shrek is really a “dramatic role” because of the “emotional center” of the character. He also says that Shrek’s transformation from “a self-loathing ogre to a self-accepting ogre” was very “meaningful” for him, which is why he says he has always loved playing Shrek.

In fact, he loves playing Shrek so much that he wouldn’t mind making more Shrek movies. Like, constantly. New Shrek movies all the time. We’re talking Shrek V: Return Of Donkey, Shrek 6: Farquaad’s Revenge, SHREK (the legacy sequel), S.H.R.E.K. (the sci-fi reboot), and maybe even Shrek 9. Well, to be more accurate, he said he’d be “thrilled” if he got to do a Shrek movie every year, but we’d start catching up to sci-fi reboots in no time if he got that wish.


It does seem like Myers is coming from a genuine place of loving the character, though, and not a craven desire to just print money, which is surely what would happen if we started to get an annual Shrek movie. People would probably be a little appalled at first, and then maybe after three years they’d be bored, but eventually it could be a new global holiday where everyone gets a day off work and there’s a new Shrek movie to enjoy. Maybe it would bring the whole world together and there’d be no more war. We’ve seen where we’ve gotten without an annual Shrek movie, so maybe it’s worth a try?